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A newsletter to mirror the False Machine blog and my socials. An ‘all-in-one’ box if you will.

This Substack will largely mirror the blog but will also include shorter publishing updates like when and where things are available to buy and when Kickstarters are happening.

There may also be a few entries from longer projects that may show up here and a few short reviews that wouldn’t make a blog post.

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Mainly if you want to follow ‘False Machine’ without reading the blog, the socials and without using an RSS reader to receive the blog updates. Or if you just really like Substack/newsletters.

Who are You?

For those who stumble in blind;

I’m Patrick Stuart. I make adventures and other content for pen and paper role playing games. I am broadly associated with the crumbling ruins of the OSR movement.

Books I’ve been involved with include Deep Carbon Observatory, Veins of the Earth, Silent Titans, Fire on the Velvet Horizon, Demon-Bone Sarcophagus and some other things. I blog at falsemachine.blogspot.com and am pjamesstuart on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

On the blog, and here, I write pretty widely about adventures, reviews of books, wierd cultural stuff, pretty much anything that I find interesting.

A link to al my online presence is here.

The store for many of my books is here.


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